UWWTC’s third trip to the USTA Tennis on Campus National Championships in Surprise, AZ was probably the most amazing of trips known to man. Surprise Tennis and Racquet Complex, located 30 miles northwest of Phoenix is a beautiful facility that charges $2/court-hour for players of all skill levels; one of the most fantastic tennis programs I know of in the States. We flew in to Phoenix early afternoon on Wednesday, April 15th. It was actually colder in Arizona, than it was in Chicago that day—not to mention windier than the Windy City. Our first match the next morning, Arizona State, was probably one of the easier matches of the tournament, and we lost 13-29..:D. Kudos to women’s dubs for giving us a 6-5 W though! Georgetown gave us similar troubles—final score 14-29. Again, women’s dubs with the 6-5 win. University of South Carolina next. I won’t make any excuses, but after a long day in the sun, and third match of the day, if we could only pull off 8 games, who could blame us? At least we kept the pattern of winning the one set though—men’s doubles won 6-4! After three tough losses, UWWTC was placed in the top half of the Copper bracket. I’d like to mention, however, that that first day we got to play three completely new teams, and made some new friends too…and THAT’S that UWWTC is all about.

Friday, April 17th. It was even hotter than the first day. 8 AM match again: University of North Carolina-Charlotte. This one was a heartbreaker. Women’s dubs 6-2, Men’s dubs 2-6. Women’s singles 6-5, men’s singles 6-4. Up 3 games going into mixed doubles, UWWTC had trouble finishing. We lost the mixed 6-5 (even after substituting a player), lost two games in over time, and then lost the super tiebreaker 7-5. A pat on the back to UNC-Charlotte for pulling through, but it was still a disappointing loss.

Our first team win came in the back draw of the copper: Carleton College. Two of the three Division III teams at the championships pitted against each other. UWWTC pulls off wins in all 5 sets, losing a total of only 13. It was very satisfying. Our last match, for 60th place, staged on Center Court, was against long time rivals University of Puerto Rico. (They aren’t really long time rivals, we just played them at Nationals last year too—please note that they’re the coolest people…and not just because they’re from Puerto Rico.) We lost 28-13, but once again our girl’d duo Lindsay Harrison and Emily Kappel pull out the 6-4 win. Good job girls!

Our last day in Arizona, we visited the Grand Canyon. Please note that this natural wonder is a 4, NOT 2 hour drive from Surprise, AZ. Just in case your GPS system fools you like it fooled our girls. The sights were well worth the drive though.

We flew back into Chicago on Monday, April 20th. Drove back the same night and were safely in bed by midnight…well…back home at least. Check back soon for pictures of the trip!


Iowa vs UW-W (20 - 21)

Lindsay Harrison/Ashley Luczak def Iowa 6-1
Iowa def Mehul Kar/Chris Schuster 0-6
Iowa def Ashley Luczak 3-6
Chris Kuhary def Iowa 6-0
Iowa def Chris Schuster/Lindsay Harrison 5-6
Overtime: Iowa 1 - UWW 0
Super tiebreaker: 7 - 4 (UWW)

UW-W vs. UW-Milwaukee (26 - 23)

Lindsay Harrison/Ashley Luczak def. UW-M 6-2
Mehul Kar/Chris Schuster def. UW-M 6-5

UW-M def. Ashley Luczak 2-6
Chris Kuhary def. UW-M 6-4
UW-M def. Mehul Kar/Lindsay Harrison 5-6
Overtime: UWW 1 - UW-M 0

Iowa vs UW-Milwaukee (25 - 21)

UW-M def Iowa 6-1
Iowa def UW-M 6-3

Iowa def UW-M 6-4
Iowa def UW-M 6-2
UW-M def Iowa 6-5
Overtime: Iowa 1 - UW-M 0