Here's the results from our tournament this past weekend!

Loyola B def. UWWTC (26 – 21)
UWWTC def. Valparaiso University (29 – 15)
Loyola A def. UW – W (27 –16)

Overall: 3rd place out of 6 teams.


We had yet another quad-meet at Illinois this past Sunday. We took up one team of 5 people: Mehul Kar, Spencer Lynch, Charlie Rose, Emily Kappel, and Ashley Luczak. After a long, fun(!), 5 hour drive ("It's just 2 highways and an hard could it be?"), we reached 45 minutes after the scheduled start time to begin our round robin meet.

To start it of, we played the U of I Blue team. The doubles and singles struggled, racking up a total of 4 games in 4 sets, but the mixed doubles duo (Kappel and Kar) pulled out a win (6-2). Because of the WTT Playback rule, they had the opportunity to tie up the team match score by winning only 17 consecutive games. They won 2, bringing the final match score to a respectable 12-27.

In their second match, UWWTC faced off against the Illinois Orange Team. The men's doubles pair (Lynch and Kar) had a close one (losing 5-6), and the rest of the sets together won 3 games. I think the Orange team was the weaker of the U. of Ilinois teams too...figure that one out!

To end the day, we played Illinois State University, the other college that was there. Women's doubles (Luzak and Kappel) played a nail-biter, losing 5-6 (4-5 in the tiebreaker). Men's doubles registered another win (6-4). The singles didn't have as much luck, but they managed to scrape in 5 games between them. Going into mixed doubles, UWWTC was behind by 6 games. Kappel and Kar won 6-2, won 2 consecutive games in overtime to tie up the game score, and proceded to win the super tiebreaker 7-3 to secure a UWWTC "W" for the day.


We had a busy one this weekend. Two UWWTC Teams went up to UW-Stout to participate in the Blue Devil Invitation. The A Team was made up of: Lindsay Harrison, Lindsey Coakley, Matt Hammernik and Joe Poletti. The B team consisted of Kal Jupalli, Anthony Petrie, Megan Zais, and Kate Snyder.

The A team crushed UWW-Stout Blue Team 30-8, lost to the University of Minnesota B Team 17-28, and then lost a heartbreakingly close one to our long-time rivals UW-Milwaukee 24-23. The A Team ended up with 4th place, out of 8 teams. Congratulations!

The B Team wasn't quite as lucky with their draw. First round, they lost to University of Minnesota's A team 5-30. In their first round of consolations, however, they redeemed themselves by beating UW-Stout White team by a huge margin (still waiting on the complete scores for that). The B Team finished in 5th place in the tournament.


Results from last Sunday. Congratulations to Spencer Lynch for going undefeated in singles!

UWW-A vs. Marquette: 23 - 27
UWW-B vs. Marquette: 15 - 26

UWW-A vs. UWM: 15 - 29
UWW-B vs. UWM: 12 - 27

Marquette vs. UWM: 15 - 26


Come watch the UWWTC Warhawk A and B Teams play their first home matches against Marquette University and UW-Milwaukee. We start at 11 am on the Ron Wangerin Courts outside the Williams Center, and should be going strong till early afternoon at least.

If it rains, we're playing indoors in the fieldhouse. Come support! Take pictures and submit them for extra points!