Official roster has been posted here. The roster is based upon (in order of importance) skill level, attitude, and participation.

Roster Obligations

Attend 2 out of the 4 most recent practices before any scheduled match to be able to travel.

Participate in UWWTC Fundraisiers and Community Service projects.

Respond to challenges from teammates within 10 days of challenge.


Large scale tournaments give UWWTC the option of traveling with more members. In such cases, the Traveling Team captain may invite UWWTC members who are not on the traveling team roster. Those invited are welcome to come and support but are NOT GUARRANTEED MATCH PLAY. These invitations are based on (in order of importance) attitude, participation, and skill level.


UWWTC members may challenge any player on the roster. The player has 10 days to respond and set a day to play the challenge match. NOTE: A win against a roster player does NOT guarrantee a spot on the UWWTC Traveling Roster. The roster is set by UWWTC Exec Board, and replacements/additions to the roster are subject to officer discretion.