We had a busy one this weekend. Two UWWTC Teams went up to UW-Stout to participate in the Blue Devil Invitation. The A Team was made up of: Lindsay Harrison, Lindsey Coakley, Matt Hammernik and Joe Poletti. The B team consisted of Kal Jupalli, Anthony Petrie, Megan Zais, and Kate Snyder.

The A team crushed UWW-Stout Blue Team 30-8, lost to the University of Minnesota B Team 17-28, and then lost a heartbreakingly close one to our long-time rivals UW-Milwaukee 24-23. The A Team ended up with 4th place, out of 8 teams. Congratulations!

The B Team wasn't quite as lucky with their draw. First round, they lost to University of Minnesota's A team 5-30. In their first round of consolations, however, they redeemed themselves by beating UW-Stout White team by a huge margin (still waiting on the complete scores for that). The B Team finished in 5th place in the tournament.



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