UW-Whitewater Tennis Club Constitution

As of June 1st, 2008
All Changes are in Yellow

Executive Board

Vice Presidents:
Director of Recruitment:
Director of Campus Leagues:
Director of Player Development:

I. Name
Tennis Club, UWW. When dealing with the USTA or Midwest Section of the USTA we will be known by the name University of Wisconsin Whitewater Tennis Club (UWWTC).

II. Purpose/Goals
A. To promote the game of tennis on the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus.
B. We want to create interest among those who have had little prior experience with tennis as well as create a competitive environment for those who have previously played high school tennis and USTA tournaments.
C. To maintain a level of safety during all games and practices. Our goal is to have one member CPR certified at every match and practice.

III. Membership/Dues
A. Dues are set prior to the semester by the executive board
B. Dues will be higher for the travel component of the club
C. Dues must be paid at the beginning of each semester. Someone who is interested in joining the club may attend a trial practice before paying the balance of the dues.
D. The club will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, or national origin.
E. Dues go towards the payment of new equipment, t-shirts, tournament fees, and court fees.
F. Members of the travel team are responsible for the costs incurred when the team travels, excluding court/entrance fees. This will be equally split.

  IV. Club Officer Titles and Responsibilities
A.     President
1.      Delegates duties to fellow executive board members and follows up on those duties to make sure they are completed. If the duties remain uncompleted it is the president’s responsibility to make sure they are completed.
2.      Represents the team at all Club Sports meetings as well as any Midwest Tennis Association Meeting.
3.      Arranges time and place for monthly executive board meetings.
4.      Is the team contact for all outside inquiries

Vice President
1.      Works closely with the president and helps him/her complete the necessary duties
2.      Conducts meetings in the absence of president.
3.      Responsible for coordinating league development with the Director of Campus Leagues
4.      Responsible for generating list for practice schedule

C.     Treasurer
1.      Sets up a budget for each season which needs to be ratified by executive board members
2.      Collects membership dues which include providing receipts to paying members.
3.      Keep in contact with Club Sports Coordinator to receive monthly SUFAC and Student Faculty Amounts
4.      Gives executive board monthly updates on the club’s financial position.
5.      Monitors success of Director of Fundraising

D.     Director of Fundraising
1.      Responsible for recruiting businesses to sponsor the UW-W Tennis Club during their season.
Send out a yearly letter to parents requesting a donation for the perseverance of the club. All donations are tax deductible.
3.      Update executive board on a monthly basis to share progress of fundraising options.
4.      Contacts Therese Kennedy to make certain additional fundraising opportunities are legal

E.      Director of Social Activity
1.      Arranges Bimonthly social activities for the club.
2.      Organizes the end of the season team banquet.
3.      Responsible for forming 8 intramural teams per school year (two per season).

F.      Recruitment Chair
1.      Responsible (with the assistance of the Tech. Applications Director)for maintaining a membership database
2.      Responsible for meeting with the Director of Graphics and Apparel to develop flyers and brochures
3.      Must be present at all Student Organization fairs.
G.     Director of Player Development
1.      Responsible for coordinating all practice activities
2.      Responsible for developing talent list with President and Director of Campus Leagues.

H.     Traveling Team Captain (Appointed)
1.      Position will be given to high level players who can be in attendance at any matches the President may miss
2.      The position can be held by anyone but the President
3.      Responsible for coordinating travel and carpooling

I.        Director of Campus Leagues
1.      Responsible for developing league formats and scheduling
2.      Will reserve court time for leagues based on need by contacting Gary Harms
3.      Will meet with Executive Committee to discuss player abilities

J.       Director of Techincal Applications (Appointed based on abilities)
1.      Will assist the Recruiting Coordinator with database development
2.      Responsible for website maintenance and development

K.    Director of Graphics (Appointed based on abilities)
1.      Responsible designing team logos
2.      Responsible for developing t-shirt designs
3.      Will assist the Direct of Recruitment in brochure production

L.      League Captains
1.      Responsible for ensuring that participants attend leagues
2.      Will call teams that do not attend leagues
3.      Will supply balls and score sheets for campus leagues.

 V.                 Elections

a.       Executive Board Members will be elected immediately before April each year. Officers will serve from June-May. Officers-elect will be trained in April and May but will have no official duties in those months.
b.      Every Person has the right to be considered for the position they desire. (We do ask that members who are uncertain about their future status as students at the University refrain from running for an office)
c.       A person must write a speech and present it to the team listing qualifications and desires to be considered.
d.      There is no limitation on the amount of times a person can be admitted to the executive board.
e.       Each term is renewable and will be served for one year from the date of the election.
f.        There will be three underclass officers. Each Gender must have a minimum of two representatives. These requirements are to ensure the continuation and success of the club
g.       Removal of an executive board member requires 75% vote of the board.
h.       Ground for removal shall be conducted on a case by case basis.
i.         If positions are vacated during the school year, the executive board will advertise the position to club members and hold an election to choose the new executive board member

VI.              Practices

a.       Practice shall be held, weather permitting, at least twice a week on Sunday and one additional day.
b.      Each club member must attend a minimum of one practice per semester to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate matches. Players may offer proof of play at the beginning of the spring semester in lieu of practice, due to limited practice opportunities.
c.       Practices will be held at the Ron Wangerin Tennis Courts adjacent to the Williams Center and will be approximately two hours in length

VII.           Selections
a.      Selections for the matches shall be determined weekly by the 6 person Executive Committee
b.      Players will be selected on the basis of
                                                              i.      Attitude
                                                            ii.      Skill
                                                          iii.      Behavior
                                                          iv.      Experience
                                                            v.      Skill Level of Opponents
                                                          vi.      Balance of Dues
                                                        vii.      Ability to drive/provide transportation

VIII.        Disciplinary Actions
a.       A majority vote is necessary to inflict any disciplinary action on an offending player. In such the case, the accused shall present his/her case to the club and a vote will follow.
b.      Members may bring up concerns of discipline and other issues at monthly executive board meetings.

IX.              Amendments
This constitution can be amended upon the request of any member of the club. The request must be submitted to the executive board 72 hours prior to an executive board meeting for that month. The board must then call the request and vote.  If the vote is passed by 75% of the executive officers, it will continue to all club members and must be approved by 2/3 of the people present.

 Bi-Law: If the club constitution is altered due to the creation of new positions, the constitutional changes will be enforced when the new positions are empowered.