Club Awards

Each year the leader of the UW-Whitewater Tennis Club selects several club members to be honored for their contributions with the President's Award.  The Most Valuable Player award honors the players who contribute the most to the club's success at an intercollegiate level, The Most Dedicated Player award honors students who are most committed to all aspects of the club, and the Social award goes to members who best represent the ideals of sportsmanship that the club represents. The club President has the ability to create new awards at his or her discretion to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of club members.

pictured to the left are 2006-2007 UWWTC Club MVP's Michelle Wagner and Shawna Golec

Most Valuable Player:
Michelle Wagner
Shawna Golec

Most Dedicated:
Ryan Pohle

Social Award:
Jeff Boll
Neal Miller

Most Valuable Player:
Brittany Covelli
Mehul Kar

Most Dedicated:
David Olmos
Jason Dahmen
Ericka Hanson
Emily Bodde

Social Award:
Lindsay Harrison
Daniel Bickett

Outstanding Attitude:
Austin Kiddoo
Anna Sjostrom