Past Participants

Below is a comprehensive list of students who have competed in intercollegiate events for the UW-Whitewater Tennis Club. For a more detailed breakdown please select the file on the bottom of this page.  It includes date of first match played and time of separation from the university.
(as of May 1st, 2008)

First Appeared in 2006-2007
Jeff Boll
Ryan Pohle
Derek Nelson
Jim Kultgen
Michelle Wagner
Shawna Golec
Maggie Seitz
Laura Zakos
Angela Frozena
Zac Borost
Dustin Schmitt
Matt Twombly
Chris Schuster
Austin Kiddoo
Neal Miller
Kyle Haselwander
Jessie Hine
Stacy Endl

First Appeared in 2007-2008
James Tomasino
Mehul Kar
Chris Kuhary
Matt Hammernik
Dana Murn
Brittani Covelli
Anna Sjostrom
Michelle Kuhagen
Haylie Hampton
Lindsay Harrison
Anthony Petrie
Kelly Bruss
Ashley Luczak
Rachel Bowen
Brenda Garland
Megan Westphal

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